Rappahannock River and
Chesapeake Bay Fishing:
Type of Fishing Trip
Walk-on - Traditional head
boat fishing
-  ALL DAY 7:30-3:30
Call or email for scheduling
$50 per person
Reservations required
**See below for night fishing
Individuals go fishing for an
affordable daily rate.
Rod rental and Bait extra
Private Charters - Charter the
boat for your group
See *chart* below
Free rod rental
Bait market price
Make-up Trips - two or more
groups fish together
All efforts made to match
compatible groups

Prices based on private charter
numbers.  Reservations required
For smaller groups to share the
boat- gets everyone fishing for a
lower rate.   Free rod rental
Bait not included
All prices are based on a full day of bottom fishing.  Rates are available for specialty trips, half day and
evening trips.  
Prices do not include mate gratuity.  Mates work long, hard hours before,
during and after your fun day of fishing.
**Night fishing-  $45 per person all inclusive of rod usage and all bait**
Private Charters for your special events:
The TORTUGA is very suitable for your special occasion or get together.

Contact us about pricing and reservations for trips such as (but not limited to):  
small weddings, rehearsal dinner cruises, birthdays, family reunions, business
gatherings, and evening cruises.

We offer reasonable rates which depend upon the type of trip you would like
(length of time, distance of travel, and amount of service are price considerations)

We assure you of great hospitality.
804-776-8800   tortugafun@yahoo.com
Weekends: 20-29 people $50 each
Weekdays: 15-29 people $45 each
These prices include rods
Weekends: 30 or more  $45 each
Weekdays: 30 or more $40 each
Mate gratuity is extra
*Private Charter* Group Pricing: